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Our new booking list - Q&A

Our new booking list

Our booking list has a new design. Here are some questions you may ask yourself:

Q: Why are we upgrading our booking list?
A: To provide you with a smoother booking list which is faster, and easy to use.

Q: Will the upgrade modify your bookings?
A: No, all your bookings will remain intact.

Q: Will you need to make changes in your profile?
A: No, this upgrade is automatic so you won't have to make any changes.

Here are the new features you will be able to see:

New search button

You can now find the search button on the left hand side of the booking list:

Quick filters

We have incorporated two new quick filters: my bookings and show cancelled bookings.

Past bookings

You can now scroll up to see past bookings, no need to click between tabs.
You will be able to see your active bookings by default:

Crew change view and business trips

We have re-arranged these lists, this is where you will be able to find them: | For any questions please contact our support team via chat or email.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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