You can find the basic filters above the search results.

The basic filters are:
Arrival time: Filter the search by your preferred arrival time.
Connections: Filter by direct flights or the number of stops you want.
Fare type: Filter by any fare type or chose between Marine or Public fares. You can also choose to see only the Fully-refundable options.
Split tickets: Include or exclude split tickets. You can also choose in which airport you want the split. Find out how to book split tickets by clicking here.

You can also arrange your search by price, departure time and total flight duration.

But this is not all; there are even more filters. You can find them next to the basic filters where it says “More” in blue.

Here you will find:
Departure time: to filter the departure time by morning, evening or any time. You can also add specific hours.
Arrival time: to filter the arrival time by morning, evening or any time. You can also add specific hours.
Number of connections: Filter by direct flights or the number of stops you want.
Price up to: filter the flights by the amount you want to pay. Just write the amount.
Fare Type: Marine, Public or Any type.
Flight duration: Write the number of hours you’d like the flight to last.
Must include: Add the airlines, airports, or countries you want to be included in your search. This is useful if you’re only interested in booking with a specific airline.
Must avoid: Add the airlines, airports or countries you don’t want to see in your search. For example, you can use it to avoid low-cost airlines.
Luggage: Find the flights with the luggage you require. Any baggage, Some checked baggage (1pc or up to 23kg) or Much checked baggage (2 pcs or 23kg and more).
Flight: Write the specific flight number you want to find.
Company travel policy: If your company uses the travel policy feature, you can filter according to the rules. To know more about the travel policy feature, click here.
Class: Filter by Economy, Economy Premium, Business or Mixed.
Avoid next day arrival: when you apply this filter, you won’t see the flights with next day arrival.
Exclude long wait: with this filter on, you won’t see the flights with a connection longer than 5 hours.
Avoid double Schengen: this filter excludes all the flights that might require double Schengen visa requirements for your travellers.
Avoid US airports: with this filter, you won’t see flights with connections in the U.S.

If you want to remove all the filters you apply, only hit “Reset” next to the basic filters.

⚠️IMPORTANT: It can happen that when you apply too many filters at once, you find fewer flight options. If you can’t find a flight, try removing some filters.

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