There is no unique time set for all bookings after which these get issued. Each airline sets up its own rules that determine time when a booking must be ticketed. Though, even when these are stated in the fare rules, an airline always preserves the right to ask for a ticket to be issued earlier because of internal factors.

Generally, if a ticket is fully refundable before departure, it does not matter whether it is a booking or it has been already issued, as the itinerary can be cancelled for free anyway.

Though, if a ticket is partially or completely non-refundable, then it is good to know when it is planned to be issued to keep in mind the deadline for free cancellation. After a ticket is issued, the ticket can be voided on the day it was issued. However, some tickets do not allow to be cancelled free of charge.

Some brief tips:

If your booked ticket is partially or fully non-refundable, please ask us in chat and we will advise the day and time when it shall be issued.
Most tickets can be cancelled for free the same day it was issued.

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