C Teleport performs more than 15 different searches for each route. You will see all possible options on your screen.

There are some reasons why expected flights do not appear on search results. Here they are:

Split tickets
By default C Teleport does not show split tickets in the results. You need to explicitly request split tickets ot see them. That's because in many cases split tickets are less convenient than regulat flights.

Strict filters
You may apply filters the way that your expected flight is not visible. Try resetting filters.

No seats available
Airlines change their seats availability very fast. In fact seats availability may change every second. If you don't see the expected flght, may be the airline does not have seats for this flight anymore.

Business class
C Teleport is meant to be used for minimising costs of marine travel. Therefore we try to use Economy class tickets whenever it is possible. In order to search for business class tickets you have to use special search.
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