C Teleport uses standard rules to process payments:

The oldest invoices are always covered first.

Our invoicing & billing system is completely automated. Therefore, the system doesn’t take into consideration the invoice you’re trying to pay. Instead, it automatically covers first the old invoices as stated in the User Agreement.

For example:
You have 3 unpaid invoices:
Invoice A (oldest)
Invoice B
Invoice C (newest)

Then, you pay us USD500 to cover Invoice B. However, when we receive this amount, we first cover the oldest invoice. In this case, it would be Invoice A.
We reduce the total balance of the three invoices by the amount you pay. Let’s say you owed us USD 2000. Now, you only owe USD1500.

⚠️ Important: This process doesn’t affect the result.

No matter what accounting method your company uses. If you have all the invoices and C Teleport has all the payments, there should be no difference at all.

You can check all the invoices and payments on the Billing section. You can also download the statement of account on this page.

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This article was updated on 12/08/2021
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