Some routes are not covered by a single ticket. In order for you to get to your destination, you will have to search for separate flights and plan the arrival and departure times for these connections. This is time-consuming.

To make it faster and much more convenient, use the splits filter on C Teleport, which by default is set to No splits. By selecting Include split ticket flights the app will search for split tickets. In case you have a preferred connection, you can also enter another destination to stop in between. The app will take this destination into account and build your flight around it. To enable this, select Include split ticket flights in… and submit an airport at the Split Airport text field below. Press Apply and you will see connection times, baggage allowance and fare rules for every ticket in a reservation.

How to book Split Tickets

1. Enter the necessary details to start your search
2. a. Use filter: "Include split ticket flights” - the app will automatically search to combine tickets into one trip
2. b. Use filter: “Include split ticket flights in…” - enter the “Split Airport” in the text field below this option in the menu
3. Choose a flight and book!

Important to Know

! Split ticket consists of two or more separate tickets. Unlike single ticket flights, in split tickets, the airlines that appear in separate tickets do not bear responsibility for the next flight, if their plane was late to the airport of connection.

* Cancellation rules and baggage allowance apply separately for each ticket in a split.

Split tickets can be:

fully marine
fully public
mixed = marine + public fares

Refund of Split Tickets

Split ticket can be canceled at once, just like regular tickets. You cannot cancel only one ticket in a split.
Refund rules apply separately to each ticket in a split.

Splits in the Bookings section

Split tickets are marked with a yellow arrow in the Bookings section.

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