Some flights involve multiple airlines. How do you calculate baggage allowance for such flights?

IATA Resolution 302 suggests obeying the baggage allowance rules of the Most Significant Carrier
– the airline that is the first
1) to cross a tariff area (IATA divides the world territories into three tariff areas);
2) to cross the sub-tariff area or
3) to cross the country border.

However, there are also other ways to determine the airline responsible for stating baggage allowance rules:

1. The First Marketing Carrier concept:
the airline whose number is on the first segment will be the one to determine baggage allowance for the whole route. Air Baltic follows this principle.

2. The Most Significant Marketing Carrier concept:
the carrier that has sold the greatest part of the journey.
For instance: 1. London (Airline A) – 2. Paris (Airline B) – 3. Talllin. Airline B is the Most Significant Marketing Carrier for the flight from London to Tallin.

!!!NOTE: To be 100% sure in the rules governing baggage allowance for your trip, please check the rules section in your ticket. If in doubt, always contact the respective airline.
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