The answer is: NO

Generally, for almost all airlines it is possible to cancel marine ticket for free 1 hour before departure. For most airlines you can cancel marine flights even after the departure. But this is NOT guaranteed.

There are exceptions. You should always check cancellation rules before booking.

Examples of exceptions
1. Non-refundable taxes - usually not more than 20 euro
Some airlines impose non-refundable surcharges, for instance, YR or fuel surcharge for Lufthansa and YQ and Q surcharges for S7 Airlines. Despite that, these surcharges usually do not exceed 20 euro per ticket.

2. No-show penalty
No-show penalty can be levied even on marine fares. No-show definition shall be checked with the airline, as some consider a passenger no-show if a flight is cancelled from 3 to 24 hours before departure, while others define no-show as a passenger not showing up on the very flight.

3. No refund for partially used tickets
In some cases refund is not allowed for partially used tickets. Thus, if the first segment/s were flown, the rest part of the ticket is not refunded in case of cancellation.

Since the rules vary, we strongly advise all our users to check the cancellation rules for every booking you make in C Teleport. These rules come directly from airlines.

Please kindly note that it is the airline that determines marine fare rules, not the agency. Therefore, due to their internal policies some airlines do have cancellation penalties and non-refundable taxes even for marine fares.

We highlight the most important points in rules for your convenience.

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